Tuesday, 6 April 2010

business card mare

so ive spent the past week drawing lots but im still undecided on the business cards, the idea was some fit illustration with my style typog, made up of two separate stamps (this will cost me about £30 ouch) or i can do something nice with layers and colour and get some cards printed up much cheaper on moo.com... and then theres the whole oaps repping on my cards, cv and website versus wierd patterns and stuff. arg im driving myself crazy, this is why i could never freelance, i need some direction from someone.


  1. I love your OAPs :)
    especially the one with the funky jumper :)

  2. I love the top one, the type is really good.
    Sorry to conflict with the above comment, im sure it doesnt make your decision easier :/

  3. haha cheers guys, i ended up going with the top one x x x