Thursday, 24 September 2009


oh yes, finally i have an enormous room so i can fit all my stuff in! amazing. plus i have created a place for my wallpaper collection so its accessable and easy to cut bits from...

Monday, 14 September 2009

new card.

i hope you can read it...

oh this is cool... wait I have no webcam, urgh.

yes, if you have a webcam implanted in your laptop then at this current moment i am green with envy since you can go on this link and get some ace photobooth style shots.

damn you.

Sunday, 13 September 2009


rents anniversary today so i made a quicky card last night...

Sunday, 6 September 2009


why am I finding it so difficult to make a start on my mnp???? i hate blank sketchbooks, they are so scary... making up a brief is hard, let alone starting it.


found these paintable mugs for kids, in m&s the other day going for a quid each, amazing. so ofcourse i got one and heres the results...

things i have learnt from this experience...

-permanent markers dont work on ceramics (i used a vitrea 160 pen, borrowed from my mum, you draw on the design, wait 24hrs for it to dry and then heat it for 40 mins at 160 degrees)
-if it says wait for product to dry, that means stop touching it
-round surfaces are not as easy to paint on as flat surfaces
-childrens ceramic paints aren't really meant for adults ( 21, does this mean im an adult??)
-in future buy more mugs (too many ideas can spoil one mug)
-need to get out more

Thursday, 3 September 2009

crashing the YCN awards party

So i was really looking foreward to seein everyones work in this ycn exhib, however i was then informed that it was an invites only party and id made up the exhib in my head. luckily my ace friend lowri (one of the winners of the national portrait gallery live brief for her genius posters, one of them captured in the 4th image) had a spare invite and ofcourse i was well up for. party held by villiage underground, shoreditch, was buzzing... no wonder, all the booze was free! all the installations were interactive, so free booze + art installations = good times. lowri and ben, thanks for an ace night! hopefully next year i will have my own invite, fingers crossed.

oh i almost forgot, on the way there we passed what i think was one half of jiggery pokery and crew painting this place with animal prints... should have taken a picture then, instead of this drunken pic on the way home in the heavy rain, from under my umbrella (...ella ella ella).

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

how bloody mental is that?

how does one sleep at night with this wallpaper?

mind you i wouldnt mind a free sample for my collection. yes, i collect wallpaper samples.

(from by JCDC)