Wednesday, 27 April 2011


hello from the abyss that is my bedroom! yes i am infact alive and well, wishing i could post more pictures of what ive been upto lately but its a combination of unfinished, unaccessable and unphotographed so you will have to use your imagination. Above are the colours of some niiiiice paint pens i bought recently from the london graphics centre in cov garden and chrome and black in shoreditch. you can see some of these lovely colours featured in a wall drawing i did a couple of weeks ago at drink shop & do in kings cross (go visit asap!). i will also be doing another wall drawing in the next few weeks and much later at the end of summer ill be taking part in a group exhibiton in nottingham. in the mean time, im available for a spot of freelance so give me a bell if you would like my services. enjoy the sun while it lasts.