Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Saturday, 25 July 2009

dream job.

if only...


I've just found out that my ex neighbours from hell, the cause of more than 10 years of stress and anger for my family and neighbours in the surrounding area, are making an appearance on mondays episode of the hotel inspector!! this should be a laugh. Their house was a complete wasteground, and they were aweful. Johnathan Davis (or dirty john as the other neighbours used to call him) and his wife (not to mention their army of about 5 or 6 kids) fought us until a couple of years ago when the council finally ordered him to sell his house, to our complete relief. Pretty soon after the house went up for sale, a young couple bought the place, did it up and live there with their two kids. It looks amazing now and its nice to have neighbours than don't shout abuse at you and give you dirty looks.

ohh im so gutted i couldnt find a picture but it was deffo one of the worst looking houses in the uk. They look almost friendly in the picture on the link... don't be fooled.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


So im really into DIY graphics and making stuff at the mo, and i found this group on facebook called craftwerk. Turns out they put on events "featuring DIY indie craftmaking, raffles, cakes and music!" Im so on this. anyways theyr doing a thing near euston stn on sat 1st aug and entry is free, which is always a good thing. Tatty Devine are gonna be there with loads of other crafty DIY based stalls and it just sounds ace, so if I can find some money to get to euston that day, chances are im so there. Just thought id help spread the word!

follow linky for more info:

Friday, 10 July 2009


also i get that the banner looks gash, im so on doing it again so it fits in the screen!


so i havent said anything in ages... ive been here and there mostly, but not completely neglecting my drawing. ive been working on personal promo stuff, hoping to get together some form of website, instead of having random stuff floating around the net on different sites. i was going to get work experience but since i cant afford to pay rent right now (shhh dont tell my landlord, he hasn't noticed yet) ive decided the most important thing right now is to knuckle down and get a job. personally ive never had a job ive been happy at, so every time it comes down to it, i get really worried about it. god i hate being a pauper. i cant afford like, anything man.

p.s. listen to the big pink. theyre amazing. actually don't, i want them all to myself.