Saturday, 8 August 2009

time flys when you're having fun.

right so I went to see a man about a job on tuesday because this company like rang me out the blue and said they wanted to meet up (for shits and giggles?) or whatever, so I was just happy that somebody noticed I'm looking for work. Anyway I met up with this guy from some employment agency ive never herd of in a big expensive building with a waterfeature (ofcourse) and he asked me what I was looking for, read my CV and then he laughed in my actual face, NO JOKES! i shit you not. well it was more when I said that I was facing prejudice from companies who wont take me on because of my small amount of experience. yes he really liked my use of the word prejudice. so then he notices where I'm from and starts chatting about my area and how he knows it and shit, and I'm like mate what are you doing? I need a bloody job?!? but i dont say this because it is only after this meeting that i realize what a nob jockey he was being. OH YEAH also he said the credit crunch doesnt affect IT work, but when I corrected him since my dad works in IT and his company has been crunched, he starts chatting about getting my dad a job!? that story sounds way funnier in my head.
aaaaaanyway the moral of this story is that i give up and am going to focus on my studies now.
I wrote a list last night. It was most exciting.

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