Thursday, 30 April 2009

essay fanzine.

so we did these essays and i did mine on the graphical identity of the uk punk movement (yes graphical is a word) and then we had to present our essays visually via typographic solution and blah blah make a poster and a book in the style of our essay content SO i decided to make a fanzine like sniffin' glue (70s punkzine by mark perry). anyway its taken ages and i just got it printed yday and im so pleased with it i thought id slap it online. ta da.

that took an unneccessary amount of time. how on earth do you spell unneccessary??


  1. christ. this must have taken an age! absolutely brillo x

  2. punk as fuck! ha its amazing this is linds!

  3. ahhhh thanks guys, the amount i spent on photocopying! lol x x x