Sunday, 1 February 2009


so i got my photos back from jacobs yesterday, to be honest i dont think i pushed the shoot enough, i could have been alot more creative and i focused too much on creating something reminiscent of my inspiration, corinne day. most of the photos turned out pretty gash since i clearly do not know how to use a camera. anyways heres the final 4 im handing in for my portraiture project massive thanks to dea (first two), rosy (second two) and tanith.


  1. I really like the first and third one especially. Dea looks amazing. Good to see my coat going to use! :D

  2. Beautiful! I love the hues you've got going on here. Blue's the way forward i say x

  3. ahh thanks guys i well appreciate it x x x

  4. woahhhhhh Linds!
    I like all the legs in the photos, maybe that should be your speciality. fancy tights & hot shoes